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Now Pramod has started his own business and he does everything you need. He is very competent and has excellent teaching skills. I strongly recommend him and you can hire his services without reservations. He is offering VERY REASONABLE price. Please contact him directly at -
Pramod Sahu developed my website in 2009. At the time, I had no previous experience and very little knowledge about web development or anything related to this.
We have worked with Pramod on our Laughter Yoga website for two years and I'm always reminded of how thorough and patient he is to work with. I feel confident in his skills and his dedication to providing the best service at a competitive price. I highly recommend Pramod for your website.
I HIGHLY recommend this company! HIGHLY! "Pramod is a dedicated, competent and patient webdesigner and anybody doing business with him is going to get GREAT results!"

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