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Since 15+ years we are working with corporate world. We think that Charitable Organisations should have the same access to expertise as large companies.

We empower Charities, Educational Instituions and Socio-Cultural Organisations who are changing the World. Many non profits are there, busy in doing real grassroot
level work for the upliftment of poor and downtrodden, but they never got the scope to get a digital identity.

This is why, We work for them who work for the Society.

Sai Solutions for Charitable Organisations

We Believe in Art of Giving

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Why & How We Give Back

Sai Solutions is a company, specializing in the digital sphere consisting of web development, company branding and marketing, server management and SEO. Our 15+ years of experience in this field has helped us establish invaluable connections, and help multiple companies gain foothold in their respective industries. Our priority of keeping the needs of our customer first has been appreciated widely, and this resonates our conviction to our vision.

A noble initiative of Sai Solutions is to give back to the society, so as to give everyone a chance to grow. A harsh reality of the digital industry is that small organizations, or those working with a non-profit motive (like charitable trusts and institutions) are on the back foot when it comes to digital marketing and similar services. To bring relief to these organizations and institutions, Sai Solutions presents a Special Plan, which provides all the necessary services to the user at an optimum price.
Our Special Plan, costs Rs. 6000 only. All the essential services like Website Registration, High Speed Server Hosting, Email Hosting, Website Backup, Digital Marketing, etc. all come under this wing. Website hosting is provided with Microsoft Azure and Amazon - AWS, best cloud hosting companies, providing high quality servers for hosting needs in multiple countries.

Ours is a creative & digital marketing agency that helps game-changing organizations like yours to increase awareness, accelerate donor and client lead acquisition, generate more online revenue and, most importantly, make your online mark.

Digital presence is important for all initiatives today. For charitable trusts, it is necessary to reach more people through the web so as to expand their services to the needy. An online presence will multiply the efforts of the users and bring a positive change in the industry. With our plan of Sai Solutions, we hope to help every open-handed and non-profit organization reach their heights.

Benefits of a Website

Websites provide valuable insight into any company providing various types of services. They are now essential for business purposes and act as the online presence every customer wants. Every individual or an organization looking to build a website, themselves or through professional help, must ask themselves a few questions. The first question is whether they need the website or not. Since the motive of every company is different, the website must cater specifically to the customer’s needs so as to bring positivity to their initiative. Another topic to ponder upon is regarding the design of the website. The design will reflect the goals and the vision of the company, therefore it is imperative that the makeover of the site matches the idea behind the initiative. A website can contain a host of functions, like payment gateways, online chat support, demo of the functionality, etc. Every customer needs a few of these functions, depending on their needs. Ultimately, a well-build website will advantageous in the following ways:
  1. Addition of necessary media to create awareness
  2. Marketing effectively
  3. Highlighting the key features of any service
  4. Enhancing the outreach of the initiative
  5. Integrating blogs and communicating properly with the target audience
These are just a few benefits of having a website. The right website will provide wings to the customer’s idea and help them dominate the industry. Even a simple website will help in reaching out the potential customers.

Pay only for our Basic Expenses

We have tied up with many Charitable, Social / Cultural Organisations and Educational Institutes. We have been working for them since 15 years or more.

Our special offer of Rs 6000/- includes everything required for a website. Domain Name Registration, Hosting, Email Hosting, Website Design, Social Media Account Set up etc. We also give Free 1 year support and training to manage and update your website.

This amount Rs 6000 is taken for covering the bare minimum / basic expenses for developing a website. If at all, we get any surplus from this, we give the amount to various Organisations we work with. , - some of the prestigous Organisations we are linked with, Below we have links for many more.

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