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Wordpress Hosting

Wordpress is based on MySQL and PHP and it is a free and open source content management system.  Template system and plug-in architecture are the features of Wordpress. Tough Wordpress is mainly associated with blogging,

other types of web content like forums, mailing lists, online lists and media galleries are also supported by it.  Till date more than 60 million website use Wordpress and this fact stands testimony to the fact that it is the most popular website management system.  Other application domains like pervasive displays also use Wordpress.

Wordpress has to be installed on a web server to function, either on a computer that has the software package or as a part of an internet hosting service. For learning and testing purposes, a single computer may be used.

In Wordpress hosting, Wordpress websites are taken care of. Due to the growing popularity of Wordpress hosting, now many hosting service providers are specializing in it. We at Sai Solutions provide Wordpress hosting services which is backed by qualified people and this ensures you have no issues relating to your website. We provide good speed and uptime and you also have regular backups, where you choose either the daily or weekly option; this ensures the retrieval of your files or data if something goes wrong. Security is another feature that you get from us in Wordpress hosting.  Our clients have always vouched for the fact that we are one of the best and cheapest Wordpress hosting service providers and that they are satisfied with us.